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Palacios - Shrimp Capital of Texas

By Mia Bach, Posted on 02 May, 2023 at 12:16 pm

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Palacios of Matagorda County is the third largest shrimping port on the Texas Gulf and is known for it.  Palacios is the home to the largest species of birds in America and is called Birder's Paradise. This small town isn't imagined to be a tourist attraction, but Palacios has attracted a huge number of tourists over the years. Palacios has amazed tourists who have dared to explore a city that was not on the list of popular cities. And it has series of remarkable attractions all set to make your days at Palacios worthy of another visit.

Palacios is a city famous for fishing as well, and that too big fish! You can rent a boat to go fishing and even ask for a guide to take you in deep water and try your hands on fishing.

Invade the wildlife: You can enjoy the wild scenes from Mad Island Wildlife Management Area. What you can come across are raccoons, mottled ducks, river otters, mink, gray foxes, and many such exotic animals. You can go hunting for feral hogs, alligators, and waterfowls in the WMA but with a special schedule. And you can watch 300 species of birds. This place doesn't offer you any special facilities. You are asked to bring your water bottle, insect repellent, and waterproof shoes on your visit. And you're not offered restrooms. But besides all these things, these 7,200 acres of land are worth your visit.

Not so beachy beach: Beaches in Palacios are feature a whole lot of different vibes. You can drive to the beach and park your cars. When you visit a beach in Palacios or Texas collectively, you can see a fairly crowded land but definitely in –control. You'll be offered camping facilities, but in case if you don't prefer a camp at the beach, you can even rent yourself a room. Besides the vendors, the beach is usually filled with people enjoying BBQ on the beach. You can add to your seashell collection some beautiful seashells; beaches are filled with seashells. Some of the famous beaches of Palacios are Palacios Bay Beach, Magnolia Beach, and Matagorda public beach.

And famous places like the city at sea museum, Tres Palacios Bay and loads of many remarkable locations are the highlight of this small town. Where to stay in Palacios? Your question has been answered by Palacios TX Hotels with some amazing rooms to spend the tiring hours on your trip.

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